Automation is vital to ITAD, Podcast

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Blog, ITAD, Member News, Podcast

It all begins at the ending. As technology gear comes offline and heads to the shed for resale as used, refurbishment or ultimately, end of life disposition, having a firm hold on how a product leaves the last user’s hands and enters your company’s possession, being able to track that product from that point forward, is the foundation of a process. In this podcast we learn that doing that by spreadsheets or by other time worn methods of inventory management, are just not up to the task mandated. John Spagnuolo, President of IQ Reseller and Josh Heath, President of WipeOS explain how automation begins at that point of entry. Spagnuolo discusses how the process can even begin at a customer premise and can be applied to products being simply re-deployed, or to break/fix and so on.

We learn how customers can gain visibility into what they have, can secure those products with wipes that are properly documented and then understand the state of the gear and its readiness, or lack thereof, to go forward, be retained, moved, or disposed. We also learn that ITAD certification likely necessitates some level of automation. “The days of the excel file is about done,” says Spagnuolo, adding that excel remains a good tool, but even brokering today really requires a level of visibility and information. Heath notes that software and products such as WipeOS, reduce human error and lapses in employee training. The systems we hear discussed, help standardize and simplify asset management and asset provenance. 

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