Asymblix Launches New OSP Cabinet Monitoring and Control System

by | Oct 9, 2013 | IT

Pioneering New Ways to Manage OSP Cabinet Environmentals

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 08, 2013 – ASYMBLIX, the leading provider of OSP cabinet lifecycle solutions, announces the launch of RECON, an entirely new and innovative monitoring and control system for OSP cabinet enviromentals. The system will debut at OSP Expo 2013 being held in Dallas, and will feature a live demonstration at the Asymblix booth (#859).

RECON reinvents OSP environmental monitoring and control by introducing a new level of versatility. Specifically designed to suit remote site applications where systems are DC-fed and deployed in extended temperature environments. An embedded web server enables remote access to each RECON system through any standard web browser. Highlighting its carrier class credentials, RECON supports remote firmware upgrades and two system firmware images.

With the release of the RECON system, Asymblix is pioneering two new technologies in this market segment. First is a new digital bus architecture for the system’s sensors that lowers costs, while improving both flexibility and performance. Second is the introduction of a new airflow sensor that measures airflow in the outer loop of an Asymblix Retrofit Heat Exchanger in addition to ambient air temperatures.

To complement the airflow sensor, the Asymblix Variable Speed Controllers (VSCs), which vary the speed of the cooling fans inside the heat exchangers based on internal cabinet temperatures, have been further enhanced to communicate critical cooling system performance data back to the RECON system. The RECON integrates this data together with input from the advanced airflow sensor to analyze OSP conditions.

“To our knowledge, this is the first time that this level of monitoring intelligence has been added to a commercial heat exchanger. By avoiding just one unnecessary visit to a site, the sensor could pay for itself,” says, Paul Forzisi, General Manager for Asymblix. He continues, “the new airflow sensor coupled with the information derived from the VSCs means that technicians have complete visibility into the performance of their remote cabinets and the Asymblix heat exchangers deployed on them. This ensures they are equipped to handle the problem during the first visit on site.”

Moreover, the RECON system will support an ever-growing array of digital sensors to read temperature, humidity, airflow, fan speed, and other critical data. Future sensors with even greater intelligence will be made available to monitor overall battery health status or to protect remote site power systems and equipment from pending lightning strikes.

RECON enables one uniform monitoring and control system to be overlaid across an entire network regardless of the equipment deployed at any particular site. This enables a uniform and independent source of environmental reporting across an entire network.

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