ASCDI’s first European chairman sees opportunity, Podcast

by | Feb 26, 2024 | ITAD, Podcast

“I think probably a lot of our members have been on the same journey,” says ASCDI’s newly elected Chairman, Andreas Fibiger. “For My company Insight Systems, I think we’ve been a member since day one, basically, which is now around 17 years ago. And from being a computer hardware trader or reseller doing, simple day -to -day business, importing, exporting, turning that journey into becoming like a full circle ITAD service provider.” Fibiger is Chairman and Co-Founder of Inside Systems.

The ASCDI is a special association that consist of ITAD certified companies, companies that buy and sell used equipment, and companies that offer services. All members are bound by a code of ethics and members must be approved by the current membership. The association’s roots go back to the very first chapters of digital transformation over five decades ago, when companies in the industry recognized common needs, including establishing an ethics process open to anyone, members, and nonmembers alike, and to build trusted partnerships through networking. In this podcast we learn how ITAD has become increasingly central for many members.

Joe Marion, ASCDI’s President, joins Fibiger as we learn about the association today and how the association’s leadership is planning for a year filled with learning, networking, and business building opportunities.  “There’s a sacred trust, and certified ITADs and ASCDI members, those are the companies that guarantee that they’re going to follow through and honor that sacred trust,” says Marion. ASCDI and ASCDI ITAD companies can help their customers meet regulatory environmental standards, not to mention corporate commitments a company has made to shareholders and stakeholders to keep data safe, and to protect the environment.


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