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by | Feb 2, 2012 | Association News, New Members

ASCDINATD logoWe wish to welcome the below listed new members into the ASCDI.  They, like all members before them have gone through a thorough vetting process before being admitted to our exclusive organization.  They have supplied references, been reviewed by the ASCDI Membership Committee, double checked by the Board of Directors and finally voted upon by our members.  The last step in their journey to ASCDI Membership will be their attendance at an ASCDI Ethics class, if they have not already done so.

1)   Avanti Data Products – Kevin Soule

2)   BESTINFO – Fabienne Gouatarbes

3)   Blue Systems – Panupong Apaphol

4)   Cisco Capital – Daniel Stefkovich

5)   Computer Gallery – John Centolella

6)   Comtech Phones Corp. – Rishad Wadia

7)   ComTech System Ltd. – Suhel Esmail

8)   Daldan Technologies, LLC – Ron Reed

9)   Digital Computer Services S.P.A. – Massimo Oldrati

10) G3 Technology Partners – Tom O’Hare

11) Go Communications Systems Ltd. – David Mayberry

12) Hirche Systems GmbH – Gabriele Hirche

13) Integrated Communications and Technologies – Olga Akselrod

14) Management Information System Ltd. – Henry Ng

15) Nesevo GmbH – Stephan Zuderell

16) Nubicom – Karl Lim

17) ORPEFI – Colette Fagnet

18) Save Systems Inc. – George Quay

19) xByte Technologies – Ryan Brown

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership and continued support of the ASCDI.  We are doing some great things these days at ASCDI.  From our efforts in the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court to our unparalleled Anti-Counterfeit Policy and from our world class meetings to our often imitated Ethics Process; we truly are the voice of the secondary IT and Telecom markets.  But we could not do it without YOU.

Have a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Joe Marion

ASCDI President

ASCDI Meetings ’12-’13- Registration is now open for Hong Kong.Nashville.

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