ASCDI updated Anti-Counterfeit Policy

by | Sep 19, 2012 | Association News

The ASCDI Anti-Counterfeit Policy has been in effect for approximately 18 months and has been well-received.  Over that time period, a number of ASCDI members have requested clarification in certain areas.  Also, recent changes have been made by the SAE G19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee in its work on the proposed AS6081 standard for distributors of electronic parts to the Defense and Aerospace industries (to which ASCDI/NATD has referred as a recognized source of best practices in international counterfeit prevention).  In response to these members’ requests and to the recent developments in best practices, a revision to the ASCDI Anti-Counterfeit Policy has been prepared.  This revision has been reviewed and approved by the ASCDI Anti-Counterfeit Committee and Board of Directors.

Following is a summary of the changes:

  1. New terminology to reflect the merger of ASCDI and NATD and also the renaming of the ATN to eTN.
  2. In the Preamble section, clarification of the definition of suspect vs. confirmed counterfeit.
  3. Addition of titles to the Articles, for clarification.
  4. Clarification of quarantine requirements.
  5. Addition of “Article 6 – Reporting,” to provide specifics and clarification regarding reporting requirements to ASCDI, the circumstances under which issues will be reported to law enforcement, and the specific law enforcement agencies that will be contacted if necessary

The full text of the policy may be found at

We thank Mr. Neil Vill and the ASCDI Anti-Counterfeit Committee for their great work on this very important matter.  Mr. Vill, ASCDINatd Chairman, will be reporting on this and the activities of the Committee and soliciting comments on same at the upcoming General Membership meeting on October 3 – 5, 2012, in Madrid, Spain    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

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