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Post your story

ASCDI membership comes with many great benefits. One of them is help in getting your company’s story told. Whether its a matter of letting members know more about your firm, or telling the whole IT world about your latest news, your ASCDI membership includes valuable complimentary PR assets. We begin with your news. As you add products and services, appoint people to new leadership, sales, engineering and other posts, open new offices, support charities, support a local community, get involved with industry related public affairs or other developments, we can begin by posting your story online, here at

Podcast your story

We can take it further. If you can spare as little as 30 minutes, we can record a 5 to 10 minute podcast that we can share with members and you can use on your website. If you want to pack a bigger punch, we can arrange to have your podcast posted on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

ASCDI Social Media

When we post your story or podcast, good things begin to happen. Our dedicated social media manager will be making sure our followers on Twitter, Linked-In and other social media platforms see your story. We deliver qualified eyeballs.

Google News and Apple News your story

Aiming for a bigger audience? We can post your story with our media partner Telecom Reseller on, a site that is crawled by Google News and Apple News, so that people following, for example, IBM or Dell, would see you story if it includes those or other keyword products.

ASCDI Bulletin

All of the content above, also appears in a special bulletin that reaches all of our members, and in most cases multiple people in each member company. Your story will be reaching the owners, managers, sales and purchasing leaderships of the companies in our membership. Let’s get started!

Schedule a Podcast, Send a Press Release, make some news:

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Get help creating content, developing announcements:

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