ASCDI Legislative, Customs, and IBM Announcements

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Association News

Here is an update on some ASCDI Legislative issues, import/export and two IBM announcements (with a slant IBM did not announce.)

As you know by now the ASCDI has been working on “getting the word out with regard to the Right to Resell issue which is to be ruled on by the U.S.Supreme Court.  Well, the word is out!  Take a look at the following video from last night’s Colbert Report.  It is funny, yet it actually gets the issue pretty well.–jury—executioner—copyright-law   On a more serious note, ASCDI will begin meeting with U.S. Congressional Offices in December to inform and prepare them about the issue.

The ASCDI will also be meeting with the U.S. Customs and Board Control in an effort to discuss ways in which our members can import/export legitimate equipment and eliminate the frequent seizure of same.


TThere are two IBM announcements of late that you should be aware of:

a.   The first on spells out IBM’s policy on Microcode Updates-  Paraphrasing the announcement it says the Microcode updates will not be made available to equipment that is outside of warranty or IBM Maintenance.  The announcement does NOT inform you that the end user can ask his IBM rep for a “special bid” to obtain those updates and can then apply it themselves or pass it on to their Third Party Maintainer.

b.  The second announcement is a new IBM policy on the reinstatement of IBM maintenance. My take on that announcement is that if IBM is going to charge a customer anything to put reinstate maintenance, the customers should consider going to a Third Party Maintainer who will not “charge” them for their business.  And they should let their IBM Rep know.

You can find both announcements at

We will discuss these and other issues at our meeting in Hong Kong on January 23, 2012 and Nashville on March 6, 2013.  So PLEASE register now at

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