ASCDI Important Announcement – Europe and US IBM Relations

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Association News

In 2009, IBM’s Industry Relations Manager for Europe retired with no apparent replacement planned.  Seeing a need to address issues and questions from the third party industry, the ASCDI began “lobbying” IBM for someone to assume the position.  It has been over three years now, but the ASCDI did not forget about the needs of the European third party industry. At every opportunity possible we continued to press IBM for help.  I am pleased to announce today that IBM has answered our requests.

Tim Glinski, Program Director, IBM Third Party Practices & Support who has served in this position for many years in the United States, has now been given responsibility for the European Union as well.  Mr. Glinski is well suited for the job as a result of his many years of focus on our Industry.  Also, having been a long time member of the ASCDI Board of Directors, he understands the issues facing our industry from the inside out.

In addition to answering a variety of questions from our members, Tim’s group has an advocacy role on our industry’s behalf at IBM.  That doesn’t mean that we always get the answers we hope for, but it does mean that we have someone at IBM listening to our issues and taking them forward.  The ASCDI has always believed that such a relationship between our industry and manufacturers makes good business sense for all concerned and serves the end user community as well.  We continue to work with and encourage all manufacturers to follow IBM’s example.

We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Glinski will be attending the ASCDI Conference in Madrid on October 3, 2012 and will be addressing the conference attendees during the IBM portion of the agenda.

Registrations for the conference are still available at

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ASCDI President
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