ASCDI on the move with ITAD, in person meetings, Podcast 

by | Apr 18, 2022 | ITAD, Podcast

For decades, the ASCDI has served the technology markets by enforcing a code of ethics, holding events where dealers, brokers and OEMs can network and learn about industry best practices. The group has also acted as a voice for the whole IT industry on issues such as Right to Own and Right to Repair.  Last week the ASCDI held its first in person meeting of 2022 in Newport Beach, California as part of a plan to begin more such ‘live’ meetings around the North America and Europe. In this podcast, ASCDI President Joe Marion updates readers and listeners of association and industry news. Marion discusses ASCDI’s embracing of ITAD and how the ASCDI adds value to the ITAD proposition. While ITAD standardizes the recycling process, the ASCDI combined with ITAD can be a reassurance to buyers and sellers that their ASCDI ITAD partner is carrying out ITAD level procedures on things such as data wiping and proper end of life product recycling. “More and more of our members are becoming ITADs,” says Marion, “… and more ITADs are trying to become members of the ASCDI.” Marion notes that not everyone who applies will gain membership. The ASCDI has peer reviewed and peer approval structured membership application process, that affirms membership as a recognition that the new member, its ownership, and its leadership, meet standards of business conduct in the past and present. Today, Marion explains, ASCDI members are meeting market needs, driven by law, to protect customer data and to protect the environment.




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