ASCDI disposITion Sponsor Podcast: IQ Reseller enables smart resellers

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Blog, Podcast

“It’s not one single thing,” says Bill Blegen, President of IQ Reseller. “There’s (possibly) fifty different features that are critical to create a ripple effect throughout the organization, and the stakeholders in the organization to get each stakeholder they need, and then in a reasonable manner…” explains Blegen about how his software puts companies on the path to improved profitability. In this podcast, Blegen describes how the modern reseller, in dealing with depreciation, products that are surging in demand and others where demand has grown soft, needs a tool to enable all the players, buyers and sellers, in the reseller organization to better understand how to approach each transaction. According to Blegen taking what can be a turbulent and chaotic market into a smoother and easier to manage set of transactions, not only leads to better buy and sell decisions, but it set off a virtuous cycle of event s across the organization. Blegen will be on panel at the upcoming disposITion event because he is committed to industry education and training and believes panelists should bring and add value to the event.

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