ARCHIVE1024 Announces Most Comprehensive Expansion of NearPoint Archive e-Mail Migration Capabilities

by | Sep 5, 2012 | IT, Technology News

Fully Integrated Support for Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, PST & EML Target Output in its SaaS Message Extraction Platform

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ARCHIVE1024, a leading provider of archive software solutions, today announced the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise message migration application for HP/Autonomy’s Mimosa NearPoint Email Archive. This new capability strengthens the ARCHIVE1024 SaaS Message Migration Platform by enabling NearPoint archives to be converted directly into MS Exchange. The addition expands ARCHIVE1024’s capabilities, which enables customers, business partners and system integrators to better support their Microsoft Exchange deployments and upgrades where NearPoint archived data needs to be extracted.

According to Peter Mojica, CEO of ARCHIVE1024, “The vast majority of the customers we talk to have either already upgraded to Exchange 2010, or are in the planning phases of upgrading to Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013. The combination of archiving, storage and eDiscovery options natively available in Exchange are compelling customers to discontinue support for NearPoint and migrate their archived data directly into Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, archives or both.”

The previous release of ARCHIVE1024’s Near-Point 2-Anywhere extracted messages back into their original .msg form, pre-archival and in their full fidelity, with every bit and byte intact. From there, customers were in control of their data and could decide what to do next for re-ingestion into other archival systems, or converting into other formats. “Our customers led us to develop a direct integration with Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and various output formats, containers and cloud providers. The new release represents the safest and most reliable method for taking important records out of one source system and into another source system with complete process accountability which is crucial to internal policies and future e-Discoveries,” says Mojica.

With the latest release, ARCHIVE1024 builds on its current support of Microsoft Exchange and is now the only NearPoint archive migration provider to offer clients the ability to intelligently select, prioritize, queue, monitor and review extracted archive files and directly process them into MS Exchange and other formats. Support for NearPoint message extraction includes: The Base Product output to .msg files, and direct Integration with Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, output to .eml, re-packaging into PST containers, Amazon Glacier long-term storage and AXS-One’s archive. The SaaS offering is a highly scalable, multi-threaded platform designed to process terabytes of information in a time frame managed by the customer.

The expanded Microsoft Exchange capabilities continue to build on ARCHIVE1024’s commitment to the former Mimosa NearPoint customer base to curb the rising cost of support and maintenance by allowing them to preserve their archived data outside of their current archive and take back control of their information.

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