Apto Solutions offers ITAD services, compliance and security, Podcast

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

In today’s IT equipment markets, compliance and data security, along with environmental sustainability and employee health and safety are important. In this podcast, we learn how Apto Solutions, a member of the ASCDI, offers customers these critical, certified services. Apto Solutions CEO, Jeff Jones walks us through the company’s process and approach. “Data security is always top of mind for our corporate and OEM customers,” says Jones, “…so we built systems to validate that.” Jones outlines the layers of process, checking and re-checking to make sure every server, PC or even part, has been scrubbed, wiped, and properly managed, whether it’s going back into use or headed for a recycling process. With current events re-focusing IT buyers and users on things such as supply chain, parts, sourcing plastics and mined materials, we discuss the new critical nature of how Apto Solutions, as an ITAD certified resource, can offer a deep partnership to companies as they modernize their networks, accommodate Work from Anywhere and confront a less predictable global IT supply system.

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