HP Counterfeit Indicators

HP Customer Notice Verification of Authentic HP Memory Modules

The modules below have been verified as counterfeit by HP on December 1, 2013

Part # — 500662-B21 qty= 1

Part # — 647899-B21 qty= 1

They were believed they were inauthentic because:

  1. See through HP security sticker on Dimm
  2. Does not turn pink under the fluorescent lighting
  3. paper on the back looks copied
  4. does not have the Check, HP, OK hologram on both packaging and/or dimm
  5. Calm shell is different

Images of the modules





Some 500658-b21 that were flagged as inauthentic.  Reasons it was flagged;

  • No change in color upon shifting modules under fluorescent lighting.
  • Inconsistency in how the stickers were cut (i.e. sharp/round corners, wavy edges etc.)
  • HP logo, security features, and print are flush with label. Not textured per authentic version.



  • The HP security sticker does not turn pink under florescent lighting
  • The Manufacturer name is off:  It is too bold and the letters are too big.
  • The Samsung mark is poor.


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