A Successful Month for Velez

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Blog, Member News

From multiple company awards to new certifications, Velez Managed Services- a Global Third-Party Maintenance Provider- have made noise in the IT Sector. Seeing the end of a Global Pandemic has shown their eagerness to get back on track, and it seems as if this is just the beginning.

Working in the IT Industry 

With Managed Services being rapidly on the rise, the competition between Third-Party Maintenance Providers is quickly increasing. Offloading the stress of monitoring assets onto a managed services provider has increased by over 60% in the past few years, meaning there is a demand for high-quality services from organisations across the globe. Finding the best TPM provider for an organisation can be difficult for businesses and knowing what to look for is even harder. Having received awards and certifications has proven to take more effect on persuading prospects than technical wording and phrases on a website. Velez Managed Services haven’t taken any time to miss this opportunity, having gained multiple awards and certifications within only the past month.

Taking the IT Sector by a Storm

Within the space of a month, Velez Managed Services have become finalists for 11 awards along with their employees’ individual awards nominations, proving their hard work and dedication to the IT Sector.

In employee nominations alone, Velez have nominations in 6 awards. Starting with possibly the most known of, 4 employees at Velez were nominated for the Women in Channel Awards, supporting the women working within the Channel, and their dedication to their work and careers. The nominees consist of Hollie Langton, Jodie Parnham, Anita Aliu, and Emma Brown.

Hollie Langton, a Service Desk Coordinator at Velez, is nominated for the Rising Star Award and a Technical Employee Award for her dedication to the channel. With years of experience within the sector working for large companies including JCB and Velez, Hollie has extensive knowledge in the IT Sector and is a valuable addition to the Velez Support Team.

Jodie Parnham, a Marketing Manager at Velez, was nominated for an Unsung Hero Award, proving her multiple achievements within her marketing career with Velez have made noise within the channel. Since starting at Velez, Jodie has supported a company re-brand, website builds, and social media scheduling to promote Velez, leading to its growth in social media presence.

Anita Aliu, an International Project Coordinator at Velez, is Nominated for 3 Awards, including the Unsung Hero Award, A Rising Star Award, and The Woman of The Year Award. Working on the Support Team at Velez, Anita works in Kosovo and is a great addition to the company, not only for her work ethic but also for her ability to talk to any other employee or team member across the globe.

Emma Brown, a Regional Sales Manager at Velez, has been nominated for another Women in Channel Award, 2 years in a row. Having been nominated last year, Emma’s dedication to her work has shone through continuously, landing her another well-deserved awards nomination this year.

New and Upcoming Marketing Specialists

The Women in Channel Awards aren’t the only Nominations Velez Employees have been put forwards for. Two apprentices in the marketing team, Ryan Borne and Molly Mail, are nominated for Computing Rising Star Awards, and have made it to the finals.

The Computing Rising Star Awards are nominated based on work ethic, willingness to learn, and past work achievements. Molly and Ryan have both proven to produce excellent work, alongside their colleagues in the marketing team, allowing Velez to gain a large social media following on multiple platforms and reach more of their demographics. Molly, 19, and Ryan, 18, are both Digital Marketing Executives, performing apprenticeships alongside their full-time positions at Velez. Throughout their time with the company, they have worked towards creating regular, engaging content for the social media platforms, filming, editing, and promoting a Global Podcast, Paid Promotions and Ads, Interacting with Partners, Sponsorships and Clients, etc.

Company Achievements

Velez Managed Services, as a company, have also achieved multiple milestones within the last month, proving their good relationships with clients and partners, as well as excellent service. Along with Molly and Ryan, Velez also achieved a company Rising Star Awards Nomination, and were placed through to finals. This achievement was earned through proving their passion for providing excellent services to their clients, as well as showing their dedication to the channel. It will be exciting to see if Velez or their employees becoming winners of these awards, when Computing Rising Star Awards Winners will be announced on 6th July, in a Digital Exhibition.

Velez were also nominated and have become finalists for 3 categories in the Channel Champions Awards– Service Provider Sales & Account Management, Service Provider Technical Support & Engineering, and Service Provider Marketing Team. These teams at Velez have shown excellent dedication and work ethic, especially throughout a pandemic, proving their ability to keep the service standards at Velez high. These teams have worked together to allow Velez to more than double their Company size in under 2 years, with Marketing keeping brand style and image, Sales communicating with prospects and clients to secure deals, and Technical Support allowing the process of Managed Services to run smoothly. Without these teams, Velez would not have the connections it does today.

Lastly, to secure their place in the IT Sector as reliable, cost-effective, and fast, Velez were recently awarded the “Best Global Managed IT Services Business 2021” recently, by SME UK Enterprise Awards. After a year of growth despite the global pandemic restrictions, Velez have managed to keep the same excellent level of service, showing their passion, determination, and skill throughout their cases and employees. The Velez Values are not only shown and promoted by the company’s work, but by the employees and the work they produce.

A good starting point

After working through a pandemic and with restrictions slowly being released globally, Velez have already proven to be off to a good start with the world getting back to “normal”. Having achieved multiple awards nominations and becoming finalists in many, Velez have proven their Services to be some of the best. In recent weeks, Velez’s ISO 27001 certification was awarded, proving their standards of services are kept high.

CEO Sean Price is also up for an award himself, hosted by The Business Desk. Having expanded his company globally, Sean is a finalist for a Leadership Award in Diversity and Inclusion. Velez have offices and employees all over the globe working together to produce quality services to their clients and partners. The awards achieved within this past month are a strong reflection of the quality-of-service Velez produce, as well as the determination and skill they hold.

After a successful month coming out of a pandemic, it will be exciting to see what is on the cards next for Velez.

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