Members of the AscdiNatd have adopted a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE for counterfeit.


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The AscdiNatd and its membership have developed and adopted a program to prevent an influx of counterfeit equipment in the technology supply chain.  This on-going program is a partnership between the AscdiNatd, governmental organizations and manufacturers.

Anti-Counterfeit Policies for Association and Members March 28, 2011 (Press Release)
Association Anti-Counterfeit Policy (adopted by Association-Revised September 2012)
Members Anti-Counterfeit Policy (each member must adopt and incorporate into their own company policies)
Anti-Counterfeit Policy Overview

This is a collection of presentations and other information obtained by the AscdiNatd to inform the public and its members about issues pertaining to counterfeit.  It is part of our on-going effort to protect buyers and sellers of technology equipment from acquiring  non-authentic equipment.


HP Counterfeit Indicator 793312-b21 Whole Server Components April 2016

HP Counterfeit Indicator 775403-001 Heat Sink April 2016

HP Counterfeit Indicator Heat Sink Part #  775403-001 March 2015 

HP Counterfeit Information  |  HP Counterfeit Evaluation Process  |  CISCO Counterfeit Information


Presentation made to the U.S. General Services Administration on ASCDI Counterfeit Certification Program
Presentation made to the IEEE on Counterfeit
US Department of Defense Counterfeit Summary

The AscdiNatd is seeking input from our Members, Manufacturers, Governmental Authorities and the Public on our on-going efforts to protect buyers and sellers of IT equipment from buying non-authentic equipment. We are using this page to post working documents.

ASCDI Counterfeit Certification Program