TERiX Expands Support Capabilities in South America

Sunnyvale, CA – December 11, 2017 – TERiX Computer Service has added cities where its best of breed data center support capabilities will be available in South America. TERiX currently delivers support in North America, Europe and Asia, and adding more cities for delivery in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile will guarantee flexibility and options for existing TERiX customers and partners who require coverage in these locations.

“Our channel partners have customers who operate globally, and adding new coverage cities in South America to our supported geographies will provide them the ability to improve support and simplify their support infrastructure”, stated Pat Homon, TERiX VP of Sales.

TERiX is known for its world-wide data center hardware support services, providing expert server-storage-network support in the US & 48 countries. In support of this competency, TERiX was named as a “Pure Play” Third Party Support Maintainer in Gartner Group recent August 2017 report by Christine Tenneson as a Market Guide for Data Center Maintenance. https://www.gartner.com/doc/3778884?ref=SiteSearch&sthkw=tenneson&fnl=search&srcId=1

TERiX currently supports customer data centers in Sao Paulo, Barueri and Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Arroyito and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Colima, Vallejo, Juarez, and Mexico City, Mexico, Santiago and Puerto Montt, Chile, Lima, Peru, and Caracas Venezuela. This announcement by TERiX signals increased investment and bandwidth in delivery in these areas too.

As enterprise level customers and their partners look for expert professional service delivery capabilities at the push of a button, TERiX is positioned to help them succeed. TERiX offers traditional data center service globally, but in the recent annual period has also added several large name deployment projects to its customer successes.

For more information, visit www.terix.com.